I’ve used these cameras with excellent results!

Why I recommend Sony Action Cam: This action cam is my daily vlogging workhorse!

It is robust enough to be carried around with me every day and has multiple recording modes so I can do fun and fancy things like timelapse and fish eye recording.

The forward-facing microphones are excellent and I’ve never needed an external microphone while recording.

Why not a GoPro? I get asked this a lot! It comes down to the fact that this camera works with all industry-standard tripods and accessories. It is cheaper than a GoPro and has removable batteries! I’d not get a GoPro if this was still on the market!


Why I recommend this webcam: I use this webcam if I do a load of recording near my computer. Before I had the Action cam I’d use this to record all of my videos. 

It does require external, and separate, sound recording to be production quality. 

However, as a cheap and easy way to test the waters with vlogging, I’d recommend this as an option for you – especially if you are doing a load of recording while sitting at your computer! 


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