I recommend investing in these accessories to make your vlogs better!

Why I recommend the Zoom H1n recorder: The zoom recorder is an excellent way to capture professional audio for your videos.

This is a relatively inexpensive but professional way to boost the quality of your videos. It is often something that is overlooked by vloggers and can make a huge difference in how the audience perceives your videos.

It slips right into your pocket and the lavalier microphone means that you can be far away from the camera and not worry about sound.

Sync up the sound by clapping at the beginning of your recording!

Why I recommend this light: If you are doing a fair bit of recording at your desk or in front of your computer you should consider using a light. 

I like this light because it is simpler than a three light set up and is easy to mount on a table or desk. It’ll stop you from having to fight with loads of stands and other equipment that can make it a massive pain in the arse! 

I do a lot of vlogging outside so the lighting doesn’t really matter to me too much but this is what I use if I am at my desk.

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