These are the tools and services that I recommend for websites, vlogging and podcasting.

Website tools and services

Website tools

Setting up your website properly is an important part of forming a strong online presence. Here are the best hosting and tools I use to set up every website I own!

Wordpress plugins

Plugins are the best way to slow down your website. So be very selective with the ones you use! These are the WordPress plugins I cannot live without!

Vlogging tools and services

Vlogging cameras

Vlogging is a very important part of growing an audience that knows, likes and trusts you.  Here are the cameras I have been using for the past two years and I love!

Vlogging accessories

Vlogging is very simple. You get a camera, point it at yourself and talk. There are very few things that can make your vlog stand out but these are the things I couldn’t live without!

Vlog editing

Editing is a very time-consuming part of vlog creation. I like to do mine myself, and have included my recommended editing software, but if I had to get a service to do it for me this is who I’d choose!