Full service Digital strategy

We will do all of the content creation for you

This option is for you if you want a full-service content strategy implemented at your business.

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Full service digital strategy

Regular content every month

Sit down with us for half a day per month to record and collect all we need for one month’s worth of content! 

We will identify topics and content ideas for you and produce all of the content you need to keep your audience engaged.

I specialize in the production of video content to grow your audience and authority online. I can also produce blog content that will help grow your audience and awareness of your business.

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Here’s how a digital strategist works.

A digital and content strategist combines many skills to make sure that your content and voice get to your audience. By building your authority as an expert in your field you will be the go-to person or business!

Define your audience

This is all about identifying your ideal customer.

Together we’ll create a customer or audience persona and laying the foundations for the type of voice and content they want to see.

What content do they want?

There are so many options and sorts of content that you can create: videos, animations, infographics, podcasts, SEO optimized articles…

With my experience in planning producing and implementing all types of content, we’ll select the best for your audience!

Where are they?

There are so many platforms, websites and online publications that you could create content for.

Each has its own unique best use requirements and voice that it can be hard to pick which ones work for you!

Don’t worry, we’ll identify where your content will have the biggest impact.

Measure and optimise

Once you have put content out into the world you need to see how people respond to it.

Are they engaging beyond simply ‘liking’ the content or are they commenting and sharing?

The goals we make together will be SMART goals that allow you to optimise for impact.