Workshops for Effective Communication

Are you looking for an engaging and modern communication workshop for your team?
Clear, effective communication skills are what makes a person or business stand out.
It can be hard to find a workshop that connects and has instantly actionable content.
Find out below how I have helped professionals and teams communicate more effectively.
Choose from half-day, or full-day workshops. 

Awareness, knowledge, handouts – all were very clear and easy to follow. The perfect cheat sheet!

Andrew was very engaging [and] the session was practical and hands-on.

Workshop attendee


Grow your LinkedIn influence: Secrets from 200 videos.

add closed captions to videos example

Learn the secrets to effectively using LinkedIn video and vlogging to grow your personal and professional brand.

Learn the tips and tricks learned from over 200 videos.

In this workshop we will cover:

  • How to produce awesome content…
  • How to grow your audience by up to 4000 followers in three months…
  • What NOT to do!
  • and much more…

Empower yourself with the ingredients for LinkedIn success.

Power presenting: No-nonsense tips to stand out.

Learn the little-known tricks of how I won over $60,000 worth of cash prizes, a trip to the US and multiple awards – all from pitches and public presentations.

This workshop will cover:

  • How to present with confidence…
  • The steps for creating an engaging presentation…
  • Trade secrets from an expert communicator…

Leave the anxiety at the door and present with power after this workshop. 

Communicating science: A toolkit for success.

Digital Strategy and Effective Communication Workshops

Choose between a writing or video focused workshop to empower researchers to take control of their research message.

Researchers from this workshop have gone on to publish in The Conversation and produce award-winning videos about their research.

This workshop covers:

  • Creating a story with impact.
  • The creation of a science focussed article or video.
  • How to turbocharge your outreach.
  • and much more…

Translate research into impact with ease!

Finally! A series of effective communication skills to empower professionals to achieve more in less time.

Let’s not pretend that workshops are everybody’s cup of tea! In my experience people can be very skeptical when it comes to the value of spending all day in a workshop. 
And who can blame them?
The busy, time-poor professional needs a workshop that delivers strategies and tools. Not a bucket load of information and more things to do!
That’s why I’ve designed a series of workshops supported by a take-home toolkit. Each workshop contains actionable advice that takes the guesswork out of communicating.

Why you should work with me:

I am an expert workshop facilitator with over 20 years of experience delivering educational content. I’ve worked with community groups, universities, and private students.
Attendees from my workshops have gone on to achieve great things:
They have gained the skills necessary to publish articles in The Conversation. Not only that, they have produced award-winning video content and I regularly receive emails thanking me for helping them reach their goals!
But don’t take my word for it – check out the testimonials!

My promise to you

We’ll work together to design an effective communication skills workshop. It’ll be designed to empower your team. We don’t want them to feel like it’s another thing to put on their to-do list.
You’ll get:
  • A half-day or full-day workshop with accompanying take-home cheat sheets, workbooks and online tools to make life easier.
  • An engaging and relevant workshop facilitated by an experienced presenter.
  • Optional online follow-up sessions. A chance for any questions that they have about the initial workshop.
Click the button below and let’s have a no obligation chat about how I can help you
Don’t settle for anything less than a workshop with impact!
I’m so confident that you will like the workshops that I offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with any part of my service or workshop I will refund my workshop fee!

I look forward to working with you!

What people are saying about the workshops

Excellent workshop to guide writing pitches, and it was an outstanding presentation that was very engaging.

Workshop attendee

Great templates – a toolkit that we can use ourselves.

Workshop attendee

It made me aware of another tool in the tool box for sharing my research and connecting with a broader audience. Also it is a completely different writing style. I need to learn to adapt to meet these needs.

Workshop attendee

It was useful to have a recent article to work from and to look at it from a different perspective. Opens possibility of disseminating research more broadly.

Workshop attendee

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