Private coaching


Andy offers private coaching sessions to professionals and businesses who would like an extra set of eyes on their website, online presence and digital strategy.  Coaching calls are done live over Skype and can cover any topic you’d like in the digital strategy domain.

He could cover advice about your website, your blog, how to do keyword research, a review of your vlog or video, SEO optimization of your posts and anything in between.

The purpose of a private coaching call is to get expert advice from Andy specifically tailored to YOUR goals and how you can get the fastest results.  While anyone can purchase a coaching call, most people would get more out of their money by becoming a Project 24 member and learning our website strategy from the ground up.  Private coaching really only makes sense where you need consulting to tailor the general information to YOUR goals.

If you want general information about digital strategy check out the blog – click here! You’ll find all of the information you need to get started!


A quick note from Andy:

I take coaching calls pretty seriously. I understand that this is a lot of money and so I want this to be as valuable as possible. Maybe you will hear something that you don’t want to hear but everything is done to make you win bigger. If I can’t tell what you do, what value you provide to your customers if you look awkward in your vlogs – I will tell you! I won’t be rude but it is what you need to know!

I will take the time to review the links you provide to me – whether that is your website, LinkedIn profile or other online presence. I want to know your goals and help you achieve them.


Private Coaching: $300

What Happens After I Purchase?

You’ll be sent a survey that you can fill out and send to back to Andy.  The survey asks for details about your website, about you, your goals and the questions you have that you’d like Andy to answer for you.  If you don’t have specific questions that’s fine too!

After you fill out the survey (it should take you about 5 minutes), you’ll email it to us.  In the survey, you’ll suggest times when you’re available for the call. Andy will respond to your email as soon as he can to confirm which of those times works. 


What Is a Coaching Call Like?

Before your call, you’ll fill out a survey with information about you, your goals, and what you’re wanting to learn from the coaching call.  Andy will read the information before the call and will be fully up to speed before the call.  Andy will start the coaching session by asking any follow-up questions or clarifications needed from the information you submitted, and then dive into your questions.