How to start a presentation and not look lame

Starting a presentation of any form in a strong and engaging way is so important. It doesn't matter if it is in-person, online or via video. So here's a deep dive into how to start a presentation. Make no mistake, your job here is to make the audience feel relaxed and...

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How to film a vlog for LinkedIn

Learning how to film a vlog for LinkedIn is not only fun but is the number one way to stand out on the professional network. The term vlog simply means a video blog (think of it as a video diary). Before you get trapped into thinking that you MUST produce video and...

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How to grow an audience on LinkedIn

Are you considering growing an audience on Linkedin? In recent years LinkedIn has become a huge opportunity for businesses to connect with each other and for professionals to grow their professional brand. The growth of LinkedIn If you've not heard of LinkedIn you are...

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Best podcast microphones for small budgets.

Every man and his dog seems to have a podcast - but why? It's not surprising when you consider the fact that launching a podcast is a fantastic way to grow an audience and loyal following for your business. Of course, the first thing you need to record a podcast is a...

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2 person podcast kit – tried and tested!

I have been running and producing a podcast for the past three years. My podcast is a fortnightly podcast called Publish, Perish or Podcast. When we started I was doing some research on what equipment works and what doesn't work. I wanted to keep it simple but not...

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