My Story

Hello, I’m Dr. Andrew Stapleton.

I am an expert communicator as well as a digital content producer and strategist.

I work with ambitious and driven professionals to create engaging digital content and develop content strategies that drive online engagement.

You can work with me in three ways:

1. I consult in digital content and strategy. I know the secrets of how to use blogs, video and other digital content to connect with diverse audiences. Learn to become a thought leader in only 12 months!

2. I teach the little-known tricks to leave an audience feeling informed, empowered and enthused. Book one of my action-learning workshops for your team.

3. I speak at conferences and events on the art of storytelling and the creation of digital content. Whether it’s vlogs, podcasts, videos or articles I can reveal the secrets of driving on-line engagement to grow your influence!

I’m here to help you achieve more!

I’m here to help by sharing my knowledge and skills so professionals can reach their goals.

Give me 15 minutes of your time and I will get you started on the path to digital success.

Are you a professional who’s missing out on opportunities because you are not leveraging your expertise in the right way?

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of time it takes to grow your online influence with regular digital content? It’s probably something you’ve been meaning to do for a long time, right?

Ignoring the power of clear, effective communication with a defined digital communication strategy is causing you to miss out on opportunities and customers.

Work with me to create your story

By working with me you’ll be confident that you are putting your best foot forward and telling your story in a way that truly connects.

But don’t just take my word for it – discover how I helped Dr Sam Elliot win a competition with effective communication!

While working with me you will get:

  • A bespoke communication strategy aligned with your unique goals – be confident you are heading the right way.
  • Support from me – a professional communicator. Your message will not be “dumbed down” or turned into clickbait!
  • The simple tricks to turn your content into an engaging story so you’re not lost in the noise.

I can honestly say that Andrew has immediately improved my research impact with sporting clubs and communities. Andrew helped me to translate my work into an accessible language suitable for audiences beyond academia. He helped me write an award-winning video script in the Universities Australia pitch it clever competition in 2019.

I would not have received such opportunities and awards without his expertise in science communication.

Dr Sam Elliot

Academic. Coach. Sport enthusiast, Flinders University

If you are not completely satisfied with my service (whether it is a keynote, workshop or consultation), I offer a money back guarantee – no questions asked.

That’s my promise to you!

Click the button below to meet with me and discuss how you can take the first steps to realising your professional potential.

Remember that nothing changes if you keep doing the same thing you’ve always done.

I can offer you a strategy aligned with your unique professional goals and take the guesswork of how to communicate your story and connect with your audience.

If nothing else, we’ll have had a lovely chat and you’ll leave with an idea of what you need to do to power forward!

I look forward to talking with you!


Check Out My Services For Businesses And Professionals

Digital content and strategy


I’m a digital strategist who helps businesses and professionals reach their goals with engaging content and effective communication.
I work with professionals and businesses to create videos, motion graphics, vlogs, blogs, and podcasts so they can reach more customers



I design my action-learning workshops carefully. With actionable advice and practical tools to make you a better storyteller and digital creator.

“it was an outstanding presentation that was very engaging.”

“Awareness, knowledge, handouts – all were very clear and easy to follow.”

Workshops on digital storytelling including vlogging, blogging, podcasts and more…

Speaker and MC


As a speaker, my goal is to educate and entertain.

I will work with you to create an engaging presentation wrapped in humor and energy.

My mission?

To keep your delegates engaged – even if it’s the tough spot before lunch!


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