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Dr Andrew Stapleton is a speaker, communicator and digital strategist.

He specializes in effective communication using digital content and engaging digital stories.

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You're probably making this mistake...


Have you been struggling to get people to engage with your product or service?

You know you should be doing more to engage with your audience and turn them into customers.

You know that you should be producing more video content but you don’t have the time or skills to create it yourself.

 Luckily, there’s a secret to connecting with your audience and it’s not as hard or time-consuming as you think…

How I can help you!

 Digital content for effective communication, Workshops, Speaker

Digital content and strategy



I’m a digital strategist who helps businesses and professionals reach their goals with engaging content and effective communication.
I work with professionals and businesses to create videos, motion graphics, vlogs, blogs, and podcasts so they can reach more customers. 



I design my action-learning workshops carefully. With actionable advice and practical tools to make you a better storyteller and digital creator.

“it was an outstanding presentation that was very engaging.”

“Awareness, knowledge, handouts – all were very clear and easy to follow.”

Workshops on digital storytelling including vlogging, blogging, podcasts and more…

Speaker and MC


As a speaker, my goal is to educate and entertain.

I will work with you to create an engaging presentation wrapped in humor and energy.

My mission?

To keep your delegates engaged – even if it’s the tough spot before lunch!

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Andy kicked off our 2018 annual AMWA conference with a highly entertaining AND informative keynote that had the room laughing and thinking at the same time (not something medical writers often do in combination). He was professional, engaging, followed the brief perfectly, and a was an altogether charming addition to our conference lineup.

Thanks Andy!

Dr Sarah McKay

Vice President, Australasian Medical Writers Association

I can honestly say that Andrew has immediately improved my research impact with sporting clubs and communities. Andrew helped me to translate my work into an accessible language suitable for audiences beyond academia. He helped me write an award-winning video script in the Universities Australia pitch it clever competition in 2019.

I would not have received such opportunities and awards without his expertise in science communication.

Dr Sam Elliot

Academic. Coach. Sport enthusiast, Flinders University

I approached Andrew to be a guest speaker for our members regarding effective communication strategies. As a professional membership organization, our members are fantastic in their field of ICT, cyber, etc but sometimes need a gentle reminder that they need to be able to communicate their expertise to the rest of business and industry that are not always as tech-savvy. Andrew’s relaxed and engaging presentation was just the right mix to make everyone – including myself! – sit up and take note. So much so that we are having him back as part of our Conference panel later this year. Thank you Andy for being so easy and thoughtful to work with.

Michelle Bayly

Events & Membership Engagement Officer, Australian Computer Society