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 You’re probably making this mistake…


Have you been struggling to get people to engage with your product or service?

You know you should be doing more to engage with your audience to get recognition as the leader in the field!

You’ve been told that you should be producing digital content but you don’t have the time or skills to do it effectively.

Luckily, there’s a secret to connecting with your audience and it’s not as hard or time-consuming as you think…

 Three ways I can help you!

I help driven professionals, like coaches and trainers, as well as small businesses boost their authority in their market. I run a content strategy agency that uses modern content strategy techniques to grow awareness for you and your services. I use a powerful combination of search engine optimised blog content and personal, authentic videos to truly connect with your audience and communicate your unique value to them!

If you are looking for a content strategy agency that can take you and your business to the next level – contact me today or contact me via LinkedIn.

1: Learn how to make content


This option is best for businesses and professionals that want to learn the best practices for content creation.

Learn how to create engaging content with courses, workshops and private consulting.


2: Work with me


This option is great if you need a little help creating content and want to outsource some of the work!

 Work with me to share the time consuming process of creating digital content that resonates with your audience.


3: Full service content strategy


We will do all of the content creation for you

This option is for you if you want a full-service content strategy implemented at your business.


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Andy kicked off our 2018 annual AMWA conference with a highly entertaining AND informative keynote that had the room laughing and thinking at the same time (not something medical writers often do in combination). He was professional, engaging, followed the brief perfectly, and a was an altogether charming addition to our conference lineup.

Thanks Andy!

Dr Sarah McKay

Vice President, Australasian Medical Writers Association

I can honestly say that Andrew has immediately improved my research impact with sporting clubs and communities. Andrew helped me to translate my work into an accessible language suitable for audiences beyond academia. He helped me write an award-winning video script in the Universities Australia pitch it clever competition in 2019.

I would not have received such opportunities and awards without his expertise in science communication.

Dr Sam Elliot

Academic. Coach. Sport enthusiast, Flinders University

I approached Andrew to be a guest speaker for our members regarding effective communication strategies. As a professional membership organization, our members are fantastic in their field of ICT, cyber, etc but sometimes need a gentle reminder that they need to be able to communicate their expertise to the rest of business and industry that are not always as tech-savvy. Andrew’s relaxed and engaging presentation was just the right mix to make everyone – including myself! – sit up and take note. So much so that we are having him back as part of our Conference panel later this year. Thank you Andy for being so easy and thoughtful to work with.

Michelle Bayly

Events & Membership Engagement Officer, Australian Computer Society

I approached Andrew because he is a valued member of our Flinders New Venture Institute community and for his delivery style in the daily verbalize vlogs.  He helped me by being an excellent MC for eNVIes 2019 stamping his own brand on our event while staying true to the messaging. The result was 200+ guest charmed by him and delighted with the event. One thing I liked was the humour injected into the event and Andrew’s ability to roll with the last minute changes with aplomb.  I found the experience to be more than I hoped for and will be hard pressed to find another MC of his calibre. I would recommend Andrew’s services to people who need and MC or spokes person.

Claudine Fernandez

Events :: Operations :: Connecting People, New Venture Institute, Flinders University

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